The following conditions are designed to help every member to obtain the fullest benefit from their Lifestyle membership.

  1. Members must swipe their membership card on every visit at the reception. All members will be refused entry to any of the Lifestyle facilities without a valid membership card. There is a small charge to replace lost or stolen cards.
  2. All users must undergo a gym induction prior to using the fitness suite. Inductions are given free of charge with all Lifestyle membership types (except junior members), declining to have a gym induction for whatever reason will make you liable for your own actions and you will not be able to hold the Riviera Centre responsible for any injuries or damage to yourself or others.
  3. Members and paying users ONLY are allowed entrance to the Lifestyle facilities.
  4. The member must not assign or transfer his/her membership to another, without management approval.
  5. Any person who has consumed alcohol will be refused admission to the facilities.
  6. Smoking is not permitted in any areas.
  7. Exercise attire must be worn in the gym (tops and trainers worn at all times) No Jeans or Flip Flops Permitted.
  8. Correct swimwear attire must be worn in the Lifestyle Sauna, steam & Jacuzzi at all times.
  9. Equipment must be wiped down after use (paper towels are provided).
  10. All Sunshower users please be advised to not exceed the recommended 60 sessions per annum and to always have 48 hrs between each session. Please check sunbed guidelines on skin types and contraindications.
  11. No Membership can be frozen for holidays.
  12. Membership will only be frozen for illness if it is reported immediately in writing accompanied by a doctor’s certificate.
  13. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that he/she is capable of undergoing the normal routine of exercise. All exercises and classes are taken at the member’s own risk. If a member’s physical or health circumstances change, advice must always be sought from your GP and Lifestyle staff informed.
  14. The company cannot be held responsible for any equipment not available due to fault, breakdown or similar.
  15. Any breakage of equipment must be reported immediately. Any misuse of equipment or unnecessary rough handling will cause a member to be banned from the club for an indefinite period, without a refund of their membership.
  16. We accept no liability for lost or stolen goods whilst on our premises unless as a direct result of our negligence. Property stored in lockers is at your own risk. Cars parked in the car park and all contents in them are your responsibility and we will not accept liability for loss or damage to them.
  17. In the interest of safety, no glass must be taken into Lifestyle. Similarly no cans are to be taken into the fitness suite.
  18. Lifestyle will be closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day and a maximum of 10 days per year because of conference or other commitments. Members will be given advance warning of any planned closures.
  19. Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances.
  20. Use of the leisure pool is always subject to availability.
  21. Certain fitness classes at Lifestyle require advance booking to guarantee availability. Members are permitted to book up to 7 days in advance for all fitness classes. If the member fails to show after reserving a place on more than one occasion, advance booking will be suspended. Cancellation to classes reserved is permitted without charge, when made at least 12 hrs in advance of the activity.
  22. You must inform us of any change in your personal details, address, telephone number, email etc.
  23. Direct Debit contracts will commence on the date of First payment. If you wish to terminate your Direct Debit membership agreement you must do so in writing or by completing a membership cancellation form. Termination will be subject to a single cancellation fee equivalent to 1 monthly payment where membership is cancelled during the first 12 months of the contract from the date of First payment. If the termination process is not followed legal proceedings may be taken.
  24. Direct Debits payments will continue beyond 12 Months until such time as you advise us in writing or by completing a membership cancellation form with your intention to cancel. Please notify us at least 14 days before your Direct Debit due date. It is also advisable to inform your bank that you are cancelling the Direct Debit.
  25. We will write to inform you a minimum of two weeks in advance before the introduction of any price adjustment. Please inform us of changes to your personal details so that these communications may be made.
  26. The management reserves the right to refund and cancel any membership, if at any time a member does not comply with the conditions of membership.
  27. Membership includes free parking. Though in an effort to secure this benefit for member’s an area is designated for member’s only, you are advised that:
    1. From time to time non-members may be allowed use of this area by express permission of The Riviera Centre.
    2. No guarantee of parking spaces is made.
    3. The member’s bay may be suspended and used by others.
    4. It is all members responsibility to ensure your parking permit is valid and displayed clearly in the front windscreen.

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